Replacing Old Fillings: Why Visit a Dentist Today

Replacing old fillings is a necessity especially if they’re already worn out or damaged due to time and continuous assault (drinking and eating daily). It’s also possible that the fillings have chipped or cracked for a number of reasons.

Whichever is the case, you need to have your dental fillings replaced. That’s because even a small crack or gap can further compromise your teeth and gums. Bacteria will have an entryway which can infect the dental pulp. The tooth’s nerve and blood vessels will get infected and later on might require root canal procedure for treatment.

Why visit a dentist in Bankstown as soon as possible?

Once the dental fillings are worn out, bacteria will develop along the edge of the filling or underneath it. This means brushing alone won’t get rid of the bacteria and food debris. This will compromise the integrity of your tooth and lead to root canal or tooth extraction.

Modern dental fillings last for many years. But eventually, they would develop cracks and chips. These signs are hard to detect because the cracks might be too small or they’re just hidden from plain view.

Only the dentists can see those signs of wear and tear on your tooth filling. They use a specialised instrument to identify weaknesses and worn spots. As a result, they could immediately recommend a procedure to quickly fix the problem. This could save you from costly procedures down the road.

What are your choices for new fillings?

The dental materials and techniques might be totally different now compared to the last time you had your dental fillings placed. There are now fillings that resemble your natural teeth. This means you’ll have a more pleasing and natural smile. This is important especially when the fillings will be placed on your frontal teeth.

Back then amalgam fillings are the only options. It’s far from natural and they’re very noticeable. Thankfully, there are composite fillings that closely resemble the natural teeth. This is great for aesthetics and gaining a really awesome smile for your colleagues to see.

Replacing old fillings Bankstown

Here at Rickard Dental Centre, we replace old and ugly amalgam fillings with natural and better-looking composite fillings. These look more natural and safer to the patients’ health.

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