What Removes Plaque from Teeth? Here’s What to Do

What removes plaque from teeth? Daily brushing and flossing already removes some of the plaque buildup. After all, plaque is just a thin film of bacteria which can be easily removed.

However, it gets a bit tricky when it comes to hard-to-access areas (e.g. back of teeth, below gum line, in-between teeth). In addition, forgetting to brush regularly will accelerate growth of bacteria. This in turn leads to tooth decay and gum disease.

Slowing down the progress

Plaque continues to build up each day (whether we’re eating or not). That’s why we must continuously put up a defence by brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash. In addition, a twice a year visit to the dentist will give you a fresh start.

Professional cleaning by the dentist also allows a total removal of plaque even on hard-to-reach areas. This halts the proliferation of bacteria and preventing them from doing any further damage. Although the plaque and bacteria will build up soon after, the slowed down progress will still make a huge difference.

Sticking to the basics

Some people are looking for that “magic formula” to solve dental problems. Do-It-Yourself tips are common and they sound easy to implement. However, learning and applying the fundamentals are already enough to prevent and solve most problems.

Doing just the following things will remove plaque and prevent worse dental issues:

  1. Brushing daily (circular motions may be more effective)
  2. Flossing (this is a bit inconvenient, but still worth doing)
  3. Using a mouthwash (complements regular brushing, also leaves a fresh feeling)
  4. Twice a year dental visit (to remove plaque from inaccessible areas, solve dental issues early on)

What removes plaque from teeth

Here at Rickard Dental Centre in Bankstown, we thoroughly remove plaque buildup using professional tools and substances. We also perform rigorous examinations to spot problems early on before they become more serious.

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