How to Remove Tartar from Back of Teeth

How to remove tartar from back of teeth? The best way is to allow the dentist professionally clean your teeth. Although there are Do-It-Yourself ways, professional cleaning is still the best one.

It’s especially the case when removing tartar from the back of teeth. After all, removing tartar is already difficult. Imagine doing it on the back where the area is inaccessible. Also, possible issues might arise when doing it all yourself.

Scraping the teeth and damaging the enamel

Tartar is hardened plaque that attaches to the teeth enamel (and also below the gum line). It’s a result of months or years of poor dental hygiene and the failure to visit the dentist. As a result, tartar won’t be easy to remove.

Some articles online might advise using mild chemicals (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, baking soda). However, these will be ineffective in completely removing the tartar. Some even attempt to do manual scraping because tartar is already visible and tangible.

Unfortunately, these methods might do more harm than good. You might damage your enamel and your other healthy teeth. Even if you removed some of the tartar and plaque, these might still continue to damage your teeth and gums. Eventually these would still lead to tooth decay, gingivitis or even tooth loss. The treatment then becomes more expensive and more intrusive.

How to prevent tartar and plaque buildup

The simplest and most obvious ways are often the best. For example, brushing and flossing regularly will prevent or slow down tartar buildup. In addition, limiting sugary or starchy foods will be helpful (less food for the bacteria).

In addition, at least twice a year visit to the dentist is already enough to prevent most dental problems. Dentists can remove the plaque and tartar both on the teeth and below the gum line. This way, there will be fewer surfaces (or smaller areas) for bacteria to thrive.

How to remove tartar from back of teeth

Here at Rickard Dental Centre in Bankstown, we thoroughly remove tartar and plaque buildup. This way the patients can prevent worse dental problems later on. We also provide gum disease treatment and perform dental procedures to solve tooth decay and damage.

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