Plaque Treatment and Prevention: Here are Your Options

Searching for effective plaque treatment and prevention ways? Plaque is a thin layer of bacteria that forms on the surface of teeth and gum. It causes tooth decay and gum disease which can be very costly and stressful in the near future.

That’s why it’s recommended to visit a dentist or oral hygienist regularly and request for a professional cleaning. It’s the only way to remove the plaque and halt its further buildup. As a result, you’ll also prevent further tooth decay and gum disease.

Signs of plaque on teeth

Plaque is only a thin film of bacteria, which is why it’s often invisible. However, there’s a constant buildup of plaque because bacteria constantly and continuously grow on our teeth and gums. The truth is it’s not about keeping plaque-free teeth. It’s about minimising its damage to our dental and gum health.

A dental visit and professional cleaning every 6 months is already enough to prevent most dental problems related to plaque and tartar. Our teeth are incredibly strong which is why they can withstand even months of poor dental hygiene (but please still practice good oral hygiene). Our teeth only gets weakened and damaged because of long-term buildup and repetitive attack of acids and bacteria. The acids will partially dissolve the enamel which then leads to cavities.

Plaque treatment and prevention Bankstown

First, visit a dentist today (or set a convenient appointment) and request for a professional cleaning. The dentist or oral hygienist will be able to remove the layers of plaque and thoroughly clean your gums and teeth to get rid of bacteria.

That’s often the first real step to plaque treatment. But when it comes to plaque prevention, you have a huge role to play. As mentioned earlier, plaque is a buildup of bacteria. You can slow down that buildup by brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. In other words, long-term prevention depends on you. The occasional thorough cleaning will be handled by the dentist.

Bankstown professional dentist

Here at Rickard Dental Centre, we perform professional dental cleaning. We also perform diagnosis and examinations so we can detect dental problems early on. We also provide a comprehensive dental examination so you can play an active role in maintaining your dental health. Contact us and set an appointment with us today.