One Implant for Two Teeth: Here’s What You Need to Know

One implant for two teeth? Is that possible (short answer is no for most cases) or are there compromises needed to be considered? What about only two dental implants for four teeth? Yes. How is that possible? Let’s briefly explore the answers below.

Fewer implants for a set of teeth

Yes it’s possible to only have 2 implants for 4 teeth. However, it only works for a 4-teeth gap. The space should be consecutive for the procedure to work. That’s because the two dental implants will just act as a support to complete the four-tooth bridge.

There could be special conditions required for this though. One probable condition is that it should be at the front mouth and lower jaw. It could be based on bone density, angle and other special cases. An experienced and qualified dentist will be able to properly evaluate which are the necessary procedures.

The same thing applies to a 3-tooth gap. Two implants might be placed to cover the gap and hold the three-tooth bridge. Again, this might only be possible depending on the quality and density of the bone structure where the implants will be placed.

One implant for two teeth

Let’s go back to the original problem (and this might be a more common scenario). As discussed earlier, fewer implants are possible because they only act as a support for the whole bridge. But what if it’s only a two-teeth gap?

Similarly, it still depends on the bone density and quality. It also depends on the width and positioning of each tooth. In other words, it varies case to case. In many cases, compromises might be applied to achieve the desired result.

Dental implants Bankstown

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