How Flossing Prevents Cavities

How flossing prevents cavities? Flossing helps remove some plaque in-between the teeth (which a toothbrush can’t access). With less plaque there’s a lower chance for tooth cavities.

In other words, flossing and brushing your teeth work hand in hand in reducing the bacteria buildup and possible tooth decay. Although flossing is inconvenient, it can help prevent some of the serious dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Is flossing really helpful?

Today you learn that flossing helps prevent cavities. Tomorrow you might read another article that it doesn’t do anything at all. Different researches and tests have already been conducted to prove the effectiveness of flossing.

However, flossing regularly reflects your awareness and the importance you place on maintaining a good oral health. For example, if a person flosses daily, it’s likely that she also brushes regularly, visits the dentist at least once a year, avoids acidic and sugary foods and more.

Why good oral health is extremely important

Good oral health goes beyond maintaining a beautiful smile. It’s also about avoiding serious health issues such as heart disease. For instance, bacteria from gum inflammation (due to poor oral hygiene) can travel to the arteries and block or decrease the blood flow. As a result, there’s a higher chance for heart attack.

In addition, a good oral health could also be an indicator of a health-conscious individual. Success or excellence in one area often translates to another. It’s a similar case with maintaining an excellent oral hygiene. The habit also transfers to another area of your health.

How flossing prevents cavities Bankstown

It starts with brushing and flossing regularly. You will then acquire benefits that go beyond keeping a confident smile. After all, our everyday activities have the most impact on our lives.

It’s also recommended to visit a dentist. This is to diagnose the problems early on and prevent them from becoming worse or more expensive. For example, here at Rickard Dental Centre, we perform a thorough assessment and provide comprehensive patient education. You can contact us by calling (02) 9708 6700 to book an appointment.