Dentures vs Implants: Here are the Pros and Cons

Dentures vs implants? Why you should choose one over the other? In this short article we’ll explore the pros and cons. We’ll also discuss the different factors that determine which one is truly appropriate for you. Let’s start.

Dentures are less expensive

Dentures are less costly because there’s no surgery involved in the process. In contrast, a dental implant requires surgery, expertise and several assessments and consultations. Some say that the expense is worth it because a dental implant is for the long term.

The total costs of an implant might vary from one dentist to another. The costs could also vary depending on the complexity of the procedure. That’s because the teeth and gum structure for each patient may vary.

Dental implants feel more natural

This is one main reason why patients choose implants over dentures. Implants feel more natural (and even look more natural) than dentures. In contrast, some people reported feeling a bit of discomfort with dentures. That discomfort might make someone self-conscious about her appearance.

A dental implant also copies the function of a natural tooth. It’s like having a new tooth (or teeth). In addition, implants require less maintenance and can last longer (dentures only last 5 to 7 years, implants can last for decades). These implants are made of strong materials and the screw or cylinder is titanium.

On the other hand, dentures can be dislodged while chewing or through mild impact. In addition to making the person excessively self-conscious, this could also ruin an experience (e.g. special events and gatherings).

Implants may not be for everyone

There are a few cases when implant is not possible. That’s because there are requirements for an implant to become feasible. For example, there should be enough jawbone for the implant to attach properly. The jawbone might have been compromised due to an advanced gum disease. (although there are advanced techniques or procedures to make it possible).

It’s recommended to ask a dentist right away if you’re fit for a dental implant so you won’t spend more time thinking which treatment is better for you. You’ll know right away if implant is good for you (or if other options are present to complete your smile).

Dentures vs implants Bankstown

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