Children’s Dentist Near Me: Finding a Friendly Dentist

I’m looking for a children’s dentist near me. It’s time for my child’s first dental visit and I want it to be a fun and comfortable experience for my kid.

Children are often scared of their first dental visit. After all, a child is still very unfamiliar to clinics and dental procedures. That’s why the experience should be positive so the kids will be delighted for the succeeding visits. This will make it easier for the parents to take their children when it’s time for a dental checkup (or a dental emergency).

Bankstown child-friendly dentist

Here at Rickard Dental Centre, we prioritise child’s comfort every step of the way (from the waiting room up to the clinic). Our staff and dentist are fun and friendly. Our goal is to make the dental visits a positive experience for each child.

Whether it’s your child’s first visit or a dental emergency, our staff works hard to ensure the comfort of your kid. It’s intimidating for the child but here in our clinic, we maintain a friendly atmosphere so the children will always feel safe.

When should a child first visit a dentist?

Ideally, it should be before the child’s first birthday. This is to prevent early childhood cavities. This is also a good practice because children will get used to dental visits early on. Later, the succeeding visits will become easier for both the parents and the child.

If it’s way past your child’s first birthday, it’s recommended to take him or her to the dentist right away. You can set up an appointment first. It could just be a simple dental checkup. Whichever is the case, it’s recommended to set an appointment as soon as possible. It’s a good way to prevent problems early on and help your child get used to the dentist.

Children’s dentist near me

Contact us today and we’ll set a convenient appointment for you and your child. For your next dental visit, you can take your child with you so he or she can already get familiar with the environment. We handle both routine dental checkups and emergencies.