Ceramic vs Porcelain-Infused to Metal Crown: Pros & Cons

Ceramic vs porcelain-infused to metal crown, what are the pros and cons and the differences? Here in this short article we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. We’ll also talk about a few important things relating to dental crowns. Let’s start.

Main difference

Porcelain-infused to metal crowns are stronger than ceramic ones. That’s because the former is connected to a metal structure. Ceramic dental crowns are also strong and a popular choice. One reason is that ceramic crowns blend nicely with the natural colour of the teeth.

With proper care, both types of crowns can last a lifetime. This includes regular brushing, use of mouthwash and regular dental visits. Aside from caring for the crowns, these habits would also help protect your healthy gums and teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages

Both the ceramic and porcelain-fused to metal crowns are highly resistant to wear. This property makes them a good choice for most dental crown applications. There are other types of dental crowns (which are stronger and more expensive). But the two crowns mentioned above already suffice for most cases.

On the other hand, one disadvantage of ceramic and porcelain-fused metal crowns is that these can aggravate (and cause unpleasant friction) grooves and damages to the adjacent teeth. This becomes more likely if the crowns become rough and rub off on other teeth. That’s why it’s still recommended to have a regular dental visit so the dentist can check the conditions of the crowns (e.g. if they need replacement).

Stronger materials such as gold and base metal alloys are less prone to wear and tear. That’s why they cause fewer problems in the long run. However, the higher costs might offset the benefits. It’s best to ask the dentist first about your options and the possible pros and cons of each.

Ceramic vs porcelain-fused to metal crown

Here at Rickard Dental Centre in Bankstown, we’ll provide you with complete information so you can make a better decision. We also advise you what’s best given your particular situation. We also work hard to match the crown’s colour with your natural teeth.

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