Can Rotten Teeth Be Fixed? Here are Your Options

Can rotten teeth be fixed? The short answer is yes and here we’ll explore your options. We’ll also discuss the general steps on how to slow down tooth decay and achieve a confident smile again. Let’s start.

The first step is a thorough dental examination

This is where it all starts. The dentist will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the extent of tooth decay, presence of gum disease and other possible oral health problems. This is to initially assess the damage so that the dentist can give the appropriate treatment.

For example, there’s significant erosion of the enamel. To prevent further erosion (and exposure of the underlying layer, the dentin), the dentist will perform professional cleaning. The dentist or oral hygienist will also recommend you an appropriate toothpaste and mouthwash (usually contains fluoride) to slow down erosion and accelerate remineralisation of the enamel.

Enamel erosion is often associated with tooth decay. In addition, when there’s tooth decay, there’s also a high possibility of gum disease (from mild to severe). Mild cases can be still be easily reversed with improved dental hygiene. However, advanced and severe forms of gum disease may require antibiotics and surgery (to restore supportive tissues).

Severe rotten teeth treatment

Mild tooth decay can still be solved with professional cleaning and improved oral hygiene at home. However, there are cases when there’s a need for root canal procedure, tooth extraction or dental implant.

For instance, the root of the tooth was already infected because of severe tooth decay. Bacteria came in and caused the pain and inflammation. Simply filling the hole won’t be enough for a treatment. The dentist will need to remove the nerve and pulp. Then, the inside of the tooth will be cleaned and sealed. As a result, the tooth can still stay intact (without the need for extraction).

However, there are still cases when extraction is still required. The removal of a tooth or teeth may then require the use of bridges or dental implants. These are your options if you still want a complete smile.

Can rotten teeth be fixed?

Yes. But your options get more difficult or more costly if you let another day pass by. It’s recommended to take action right away to avoid pain and extra expenses. If you require professional dental treatments, contact us here today at Rickard Dental Centre located at Bankstown NSW.