Baby Teeth Problems, Treatment and Prevention

Baby teeth problems are often caused by constant contact with milk and other sugary liquids. The frequent exposure to sugar causes acids and bacteria to build up. As a result, this causes early tooth decay which could lead to problems to the long-term development and positioning of your child’s teeth.

That’s why it’s recommended to take your child to the dentist once baby teeth erupt. The dentist will guide you through how to clean your baby’s mouth when you’re at home. The dentist will also identify potential problems and correct them early on.

First dental visit is crucial

Before your child’s first birthday, you should take him or her to the dental clinic. It’s even advisable to take your baby once the first tooth erupts. That’s because the first tooth could cause discomfort to the child.

Moreover, this is a good practice to make the child feel comfortable early on. If you delay this, anxiety will just build up. As kids grow older and develop awareness, the anxiety might be more difficult to get rid of.

Proper dental care for babies and kids ages 1 year and above is quite different compared to teens and adults. After all, the set of baby’s teeth are far from complete. It’s just starting to develop. In addition, the diet of babies is different compared to adults.

The dentist or oral hygienist will provide you with the right education for proper dental care of your baby. The professional can also perform initial checkups to spot any problems. This is important because the eruption of the first set of teeth will guide the succeeding ones. Any mistake could lead to long-term misalignment or improper positioning of the future teeth. This could affect the confidence of your child as he or she interacts with fellow children or other people. This could also have an effect on his or her eating and mouth habits.

Baby teeth problems and prevention Bankstown

Here at Rickard Dental Centre, we identify any possible problems with baby teeth development. We also perform baby tooth extractions if needed (e.g. accidental dislodgement of tooth, tooth decay, not enough space for new tooth). We do a comprehensive checkup and guide you through proper dental care for your baby. Contact us today if you need more information.